Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Not Good Bye, See You Later

Ben Domonkos

The last day of school in 2015 was my best day as a teacher.  I was teaching 3rd Grade at Tarkington Traditional School in South Bend, IN.Technology has enhanced not only my effectiveness but it also has changed my philosophy.  We are in a school district with technology limitations, however we have persevered through some grants, BYOD and patience!  The students and I learned throughout this year what it took to be 21st century classroom.  It was heartbreaking to have them leave for the summer and no they would not come back as my official students.  We took a final selfie that encapsulated the year with more than half the class in tears not ready to leave school.  They left the class with notes about their year and how they were going to take on their next step in their journey to become successful individuals. The impact we had on each other is one I will always remember and one that will continue to create an even better teacher. MrD3.0

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