Sunday, May 22, 2016

Best Day Ever with 7th Grade Life Science

Cheska Robinson

My best teaching day ever was with my all-girls 7th Grade Life Science class from Brighter Choice Charter School, when they presented their Code Blue “Grand Rounds” Project to a team of doctors and medical residents from Albany Medical Center. 

For a month, the girls role-played as medical residents who were working towards their board and speciality certifications.  They worked in small collaborative groups to research human body systems and teach other the major structures and functions. When each group passed their board exams, they opened a medical clinic and received a mystery patient case. They had to use what they learned to create a patient profile, figure out the symptoms, and propose a diagnosis. The girls created models and presentations, which were shared with and evaluated by a team of doctors and residents for “Grand Rounds” Day. It was one of my most exciting and memorable memories because the girls were fully engaged and invested in their learning. All students and adults were excited to share their work with each other, and it was a day full of sharing and learning together.

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