Friday, June 10, 2016

Zackaria Mohsen Teaching Culture/Learning Culture

I came to America in March of 2011 from Bahrain. I had a few friends whom were teachers at the Rock Springs High School, and they asked me to do participate in some lectures about culture education. I did two lectures a day at two schools a day covering Rock Springs and nearby cities and towns.
My favorite teaching moment from this was when a High School student asked me if he could interview me for the local newspaper. I didn’t think people were really interested in learning about Bahrain. And most questions I got were jokes that I’ve heard plenty. And Bahrain wasn’t even on some of the maps at the schools! But after our little interview got published I had a lot more people asking me reasonable questions,,, generally. And through that I met a lot more students whom were from other countries!
Not only did I end up making some interesting friends; but one of my teacher friends that initiated the culture education lectures was able to evolve it! We recruited over 20 more students into the program whom were mostly from unique countries. This group came to be known as the Tiger 56 Club. The Rock Springs High School still does some of these lectures every year outside of the standard curriculum and the students love it! [=
It’s fun and very cool to know that one kid who dared to ask “Hey, wanna do an interview?” rippled into a club with lots of members and annual events [=

[Manama, capital of Bahrain]

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