Saturday, December 3, 2016

Don't Stop Believin'

Holly Dupont
Elementary Special Educator


Last year I had a memorable student with a unique obsession-the band, Journey. My student is of Filipino heritage, as is the current lead singer for the band, whose name Arnel Pineda. Both were born in the Philippines, and have emigrated to the United States. My kiddo could air drum, air guitar and sing along with any of the Journey videos he was able to watch online for his breaks. Not only did he choose Journey videos as his reward, his token chart had the band’s images embedded into it. Knowing that my student loved Journey so much, I was able to get him two tickets to their concert last summer. Also, thanks to technology, I was able to reach out to Arnel Pineda via Instagram, and he set up a meet and greet for the student and his family. Though this wasn’t a particular day of teaching per se, it was one of the most rewarding experiences to be a part of. “Don’t Stop Believing!”

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