Thursday, July 14, 2016

Best Teaching Day - Adam Lindstrom

Adam Lindstrom
GIS Mapping to Investigate Plate Tectonics
Earth Science, Grade 6

map screen shot.png  targetprocess-screen-capture (1).png
My best teaching moment.  To set the stage, this was in 2007, before Chromebooks and GAFE.  Students were working in the computer lab.  In the middle of working, two students exclaimed, “Wait. I can do this when I grow up?!”  My students were working on mapping volcano and earthquake locations using ESRI GIS mapping software.  At the time, I took a risk using mapping software to have investigate these concepts - and I once I heard this comment, I was happy I took this risk.  Students were able to work at their own pace, create their maps, and draw conclusions about the concepts of plate tectonics.  They created products, they had a choice while I facilitated.  The comment from my two students had me completely psyched, in that they realized this wasn’t just an activity on a computer - they were using software that they could become certified in, earn a career in, and apply to virtually every industry - from the sciences to business.

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  1. The best day of my teaching life was during a project in my Accounting class. It was actually a 2 day project, but on the second day was when it happened. The student
    's realized that the work they had been doing was actually used in the real world. The setting...a classroom and five Monopoly games. Students were required to complete the financial documents for all their turns during the game. At the end they had to take all their entries and create financial statements online which reflected these transactions. The money they had in their possession had to tie back to the statements. Their assets (homes/hotels/properties) were part of the calculation. Old school gamification.