Sunday, June 11, 2017

Light and Bright

Sunshine - Free vector graphics on PixabaySusan Taylor
6th grade Ripon

Really? How can I possibly narrow down my best teaching day...ever? Each day is a new opportunity to feed my personal passion for teaching and to help fuel the passions of my students. Each year, I reiterate numerous times, this message: My goal for you is that you have a career you love. One in which your alarm goes off, and you’re excited to get up and begin your day. If you have this, you’ll never work a day in your life.  While I didn’t coin this idea, I love to share the message.

The first time I share this message with a new class, I often see a weight lifted off the shoulders of some of my team. In my area, kids are being raised under the antiquated notion that they need to be doctors or attorneys...and if and only if they join the ranks of these professions, will they find happiness.

My message is counter to what they’ve been told. It brings great joy to see the light and bright expressions on their faces.

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